Your iPhone’s Calculator app has been hiding a secret this whole time!

The iPhone Calculator app has a handy hidden trick up its sleeve.

Whether you’re running one of the latest and best iPhones or an older model which has been updated to iOS 15, Apple has a whole bunch of neat tricks in its devices it doesn’t often shout about, many of which can make your experience even better.

One such trick is one hidden in, admittedly, not the most exciting of places — the Calculator app. This gesture lets you instantly delete the last digit by simply sliding to the left or right.

This may not sound that useful, but after trying it myself a few times over the past day or so, it really makes using the Calculator app a lot easier.

How to swipe to delete in iPhone Calculator app

To delete a digit by swiping in the Calculator app, simply swipe either left or right at the top of display. It’s that easy.

Granted, it’s not the most Earth-shattering of features, but it’s still handy to know about, as is the hidden scientific calculator modethat reveals itself if you turn your iPhone sideways into landscape mode.

Who knew the humble Calculator app was full of so many surprises? 

Now you know how to delete by swiping in the iPhone Calculator app, you may be interested in a few other little iPhone tricks. For instance, did you know that you can launch apps by tapping the back of your iPhone

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