Expo 2020 Dubai: Visitor numbers soar to 19 millionOver 2.7 million children have visited the mega fair.

Expo2020 Dubai.

Expo 2020 Dubai visit numbers have soared to over 19 million — up almost 1.6 million in a week. The mega event has welcomed over 2.7 million children since it opened in October last year.

With just over two weeks left, organizers said they are looking forward to the mega fair’s legacy and “the next generation of innovators – from budding scientists to big thinkers”.

Earlier this month, the world’s youngest TEDx speaker, six-year-old Kiara Kaur, gave a talk to an adult gathering on ‘Small Change Big Difference’ at the Mexico Pavilion and spoke across the site as part of International Women’s Week activities.

Children visiting the Dubai Cares Pavilion have been designing their ‘dream school’ in a challenge to aid a theoretical earthquake-hit area.

On March 5, a group of innovative young students and their teachers gathered at Dubai Exhibition Centre for the fourth edition of the Emirates Young Scientist Competition, which forms part of the National Science Technology and Innovation Festival (NSTI), showing off their inventions to create a better future.

The Expo school program offers four immersive journeys, allowing the students the chance to embark on educational tours through the site’s three vibrant Thematic Districts (Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability), as well as pavilions with experiences aligned with diverse school curricula in the UAE.


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