Trustworthiness and genuineness: do they truly matter?

Integrity and Honesty

Are uprightness and genuineness significant? Do they mean an adequate number of that they can cause commitment, activity, a difference in conduct in others? Could it be said that they are a major centre of people? Something that remains parts and is sufficiently able to transcend ravenousness, defilement, self-absorption, and deceptive nature?

Past having solid moral principles, having honesty implies you: Expressing appreciation for other people. Esteeming genuineness and receptiveness. Assuming liability and responsibility for your activities, great and terrible. Regarding yourself as well as other people around you regardless of where you are.

For One Community, living in trustworthiness and uprightness implies picking 100 per cent obligation regarding our present insight and our future. We could be making everything we experience, however, we can constantly pick what we answer and what our reality means for everything around us. Expanding on this comprehension of our reactions to life as a decision, we proactively make a move towards making the future we need through an open-source sharing of all that we do, straightforward and groundbreaking strategic approaches, and carefulness in observing all parts of One Community so they are reliably in arrangement with the entirety of our qualities.

If everybody resided in Honesty and Integrity with themselves and all life on this planet… destitution, starvation, wrongdoing, vagrancy, social foul play, and most any remaining difficulties of our species wouldn’t exist. One Community accepts that killing these things is the longing of the vast majority and we are keeping up with Honesty and Integrity as one of our guiding principles since we see “being the change we wish to find on the planet” as basic to building a reasonable way to self-repeating conditions where others can reside in complete Honesty and Integrity with themselves and any remaining life as well. This is fundamental to One Community’s way to deal with Highest Good society, our Highest Good of All ways of thinking, and our reality change procedure.


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