5 Things Every Leader Needs to Care About.


Leaders are confronting interruptions from each course:

Store network
Cross-breed Workforce
The Great Resignation
War and Global Uncertainty

As a leader, the following are five things you want to think often about to make disturbance your upper hand:

  1. Care about Human Potential “Individuals don’t care about the amount you know until they know the amount you give it a second thought… about them.”
  2. Care about Quality of Life – the cure to pressure and burnout.”Quality of Life = Quality of Work.”
  3. Care about Purpose – the remedy to depression “Something contrary to wretchedness isn’t joy. Something contrary to wretchedness is the purpose.”
  4. Care about Growth and Goals – the cure for the absence of inspiration. “Developing individuals are self-inspired individuals.”
  5. Care about Mindset “When you embrace and view interruption as your upper hand it makes a huge difference.”

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