Positive Mindset

I embrace who I am, cultivate inner calm, strength, and assurance, and create a positive external environment. I’m going to release and forgive myself. I am worthy of pardon and pardoning. Every day I am getting better and getting stronger. I’ve survived challenging moments in the past, and as a result, I’ve become stronger and better.

“I nourish myself with pleasant words and happy foods.”
“My sensitivity is lovely, and my thoughts and feelings are legitimate.”
“Only I am truly who I am,”
I control how I feel, and I decide to be joyful.

Everything I need to be successful is here.
I am often changing and becoming a better person.
Even though I’ve made errors, I refuse to let them define who I am.
I’m going to make you so proud, note to self.

I am prosperous.
I am sure of myself.
I am powerful.
I am strong.
Every day I am growing better and better.

I’m pushing aside the negative thoughts that are attempting to frighten or enrage me.
I have plenty to live on.
Anything I want to be is possible.
I have a good mind and concentration.
I decide to be happy today because happiness is a choice.



  1. Exactly happiness is a choice, one don’t live with the past only learn from it and move on to bring out the positivity out of the negativity.


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