Think Big At All Times, Is Not Arrogance Or Pride;

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To think big, my friend is not arrogance or pride,
It’s a mindset that expands horizons far and wide.
When we dream beyond the boundaries of our sight,
We unlock hidden potential, like stars shining bright.

To think big is to gaze upon the limitless sky,
To envision possibilities that make your spirit fly.
It’s to dare to imagine, to strive for something grand,
To believe in the power within your hand.

For greatness resides in the realm of lofty dreams,
Where innovation is born and life’s tapestry gleams.
It’s the audacity to challenge what is known,
And pave new paths where seeds of greatness are sown.

But let not ambition be fueled by selfish desires,
Instead, let it inspire, and set the world afire.
Think big with a heart that seeks to serve,
To uplift others, help them find their nerve.

In thinking big, embrace the power of belief,
Trust in your abilities, surpass doubt and grief.
Nurture resilience, for setbacks, may come your way,
But a steadfast spirit will lead you through each fray.

Remember, my friend, to think big is to aspire,
To ignite the fire of passion, let it never tire.
Align your dreams with purpose, let them be true,
For when your heart’s in harmony, the impossible you’ll pursue.

So, think big, my friend, with humility and grace,
Embrace the challenges, for they shape your embrace.
Dream with audacity, for the world needs your light,
To think big is to illuminate the darkest night.